Leg Lifts with a Physioball

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Duration: 1:06

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Are you looking to increase hip mobility and strengthen your core? Leg lifts with a physioball knock both out in one exercise. Strong core muscles make it easier to do any physical activity including bowling.

By strengthening the core you will see results in balance and stability. With all of this newfound balance and stability you’ll hit your target more often because you’ll be posting your shot; enabling you to watch the bowling ball roll through the pins as you strike.

Step 1

Lay down with your back flat on the floor with the physioball balanced underneath your heels.

Leg Lifts 1

Step 2

Working one leg at a time, lift your leg straight up into the air and then lower down back towards the physioball.

Leg Lifts 2

Step 3

When your heel is about to touch the physioball, extend your leg out to the side before bringing it back to the starting position.

Leg Lifts 3

During this exercise, your core is activated, stabilizing your body and preventing the physioball from moving or rolling away while you are doing leg lifts. Simultaneously, this improves the range of motion in your hips creating more mobility both front-to-back and side-to-side. Work both legs equally with the same amount of reps to avoid imbalances.

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