Leah Zahner

Slider Exercises for a Better Finish Position

Leah Zahner
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Duration:   2  mins

Slider exercises are great for strengthening your lower body and improving balance. Most sliders come with two different sides. One side is soft and the other is hard. The soft side is used for harder surfaces like wood, tile, and laminate floors. The hard side is designed to allow you to slide on the carpet.

Because sliders are inherently unstable, any slider exercise will work your body harder, resulting in improved balance and stability. Using only your body weight, slider exercises challenge your balance and incorporate your core throughout the exercises.

Step 1

Start by placing the slider on the floor underneath one of your feet. Set up in an athletic position with your knees soft.

Slider Exercises 1

Step 2

Take the foot that’s on the slider and extend it outward and lower your body and lift back up to the starting position.

Slider Exercises 2

The opposite leg is doing the majority of work supporting your body. The goal is to get the most range of motion out of this exercise as possible while utilizing your core to remain centered, lowering and lifting into place. To prevent imbalance, make sure you do the same amount of reps with the other foot.

Another version of this slider exercise resembles a standard lunge. The same steps above apply, except for this exercise you’ll slide your leg back:

Slider Exercises 3

Another great leg exercise you can do is the “Single Leg Reach” and you can always check out more bowling exercises to help improve your game.

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