Single Leg Balance Reach

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Balance and posture are fundamentals every bowler needs in their game to be successful. Having better balance increases shot repeatability. This gives you the best chance at hitting your target more often, ultimately increasing your scores.

A balanced approach starts in the setup and stance and ends at the foul line, posting your shot or holding your finish position until the bowling ball rolls through the pins. Having good posture throughout the approach is critical for shot repeatability. Shot repeatability is the name of the game for better bowling scores.

Single leg balance reaches are a fantastic exercise to improve your overall balance and posture. No equipment is necessary to do this exercise and your stabilizing leg will feel a lot of work on the quads and glutes. Remember to keep a soft knee whenever working on balance.

Step 1

To begin a single leg balance reach, find your stabilizing leg and bend your knee. Raise your other foot off of the ground a few inches.

Reach Step 1

Step 2

Take the leg that has the foot slightly off of the ground and reach it forward, back then across out to the side.

Reach Step 2

Step 3

Repeat this as many times as you can. You will feel the muscles in your stabilizing leg burn and work. To achieve better balance, spread your toes out or if you are barefoot, try to grip the floor.

Step 4

Switch legs and repeat the single leg balance reach with the same amount of reps. This will help avoid imbalances from doing more on one leg than the other.

Watch “Single Leg Balance Touch Exercise” and “How To Do a Rotating Lunge” from National Bowling Academy fitness experts to help improve overall balance and posture in your game. You’ll notice fewer aches and pains making the game more enjoyable overall.

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