Medicine Ball Exercises: Lunge with a Side Bend

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Medicine ball exercises are often found in Ballistics Training or Power Training. This type of training requires muscles to adapt and contract quickly, and forcefully. Bowling’s approach and finish position are physically demanding on the body, especially with the repetitive nature associated with the sport. Medicine ball exercises are a great way to add weight to an exercise while allowing for an easy grip to the weight (medicine ball), utilizing the palms of your hands.

Step 1

Stand forward, feet shoulder-width apart and parallel with the medicine ball in front of your chest.

Lunge 1

Step 2

This step involves two movements at the same time. Begin by stepping forward while putting the medicine ball over your head. Then do a side bend, keeping the medicine ball stable and over your head throughout the side bend.

Lunge 2

Step 3

Bring the side bend back to a lunge, keeping the medicine ball overhead. Return to your starting position.

Lunge 3

Continue the exercise by alternating legs. This medicine ball exercise affects your upper body, obliques, and lower body, and can be done anywhere, anytime. This is a modified version of the lunge and the lunge with a side bend. It’s recommended that you are comfortable with those basic exercises before advancing to this level of exercise.

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