Navigating Lane Transition as a Left Handed Bowler

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It’s long been a myth that the left handed bowler doesn’t have to deal with oil transition like a right handed bowler does during the course of tournament. They may not experience the exact same changes, but lefties have a different problem on their hands when a lane starts to burn: the residual effects caused by righties.

As a lane transitions over the course of multiple games and righties start to put the ball down closer to the left arrows, a left handed bowler has to adjust their strategy to accommodate for the oil wedge that develops at the front of the lane. This presents a difficult challenge for the lefty as to what equipment they should use and how they should reach their target. So in this lesson, we introduce some of the ways a left handed bowler can adjust their game to better navigate a lane in transition.

Decision making as a left handed bowler

While it’s true that a right handed bowler tends to notice changes on a lane faster because of volume of play, a left handed bowler might just have a tougher time figuring out how those changes might affect the way they approach each shot. To help you figure out how best to address burn caused by your righty lane partners, bowling coaches Stephen Padilla and Mike Dias teach you some of the best methods for adjusting your approach when the lane starts changing.

The coaches take a look at the decision making of two lefties with different bowling personalities to demonstrate the options you might have as a left handed bowler. You’ll learn how to make the right change depending on the situation you face and the type of left handed bowler you are. You’ll discover the effect the wedge at the front of the lane can have on the location of your target, and see how changing oil patterns on bowling lanes dictate the decisions you make as a left handed bowler.

Whether you decide to loft your benchmark ball over the wedge or opt for a different ball, the choice is yours, but if you utilize your best bowling technique and make the right decision when you notice changes to the lane, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the burn and find the pocket like a pro!

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