Dan Triske

Perfecting The Finish Position

Dan Triske
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Duration:   4  mins

Being balanced at the foul line as you deliver the ball is the goal when attempting to perfect the finish position. Errant shots are almost a certainty without a balanced finish position.

Silver level coaches Dan Triske and Doug O’Bryant along with Junior Gold Champion Annalise O’Bryant illustrate what a balanced finish position looks like and how to fix common problems most bowlers face.

Posting the Shot

When sliding at the foul line and maintaining balance throughout the shot until the bowling ball rolls through the pins is defined as posting the shot.

Finish 1

The key is to stay balanced, not falling off left, right, forward or backward.

Finish 2

When you stay balanced at the foul line and post the shot, you make more accurate shots. A bowling shot from beginning to end happens quickly, if you fall off your shot, you cannot entirely focus on what your ball is doing on the lane because you are trying to keep yourself from falling over.

A Good Start

How we start in our stance directly affects what happens at the pins. If you start closer to the finish position in your stance and keep your head steady throughout the approach, when you get to the finish position, your head does not move. This simplifies the approach and makes it easier to post the shot.

Finish 3

One Step Drill

The one step drill is a great drill for bowlers to isolate the finish position. Focusing on this part of the approach individually excludes other areas of the approach, ultimately training the body to understand what a balanced finish position feels and looks like. National Bowling Academy has step-by-step instructions for the one step drill that will help you perfect your finish position in no time.

For more tips on posting the shot check out “Knee Continuation in Bowling’s Finish Position” and “Bowling Tips for a Better Balanced Position.” Improving this area of your game will lead to better lane play and help increase your average.

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