Proper Setup for Bowling Stance

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Duration: 3:19

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Are you having trouble with your timing? Maybe you’re having trouble hitting your mark consistently?

These are just a few areas in your game where having a proper setup in the bowling stance will benefit you.

If you are a beginner who hasn’t received this instruction, or an advanced bowler that can’t quite figure out what’s going wrong with your game, a proper bowling stance is an element of the game everyone can work on – no matter the skill level.

Silver Level Coach Dan Triske demonstrates how to achieve a proper set-up for the bowling stance and what an improper setup in the bowling stance looks like.

When diagnosing an improper setup for the bowling stance you should look for:

  • Standing straight up at 90°
  • Shoulders are straight at 90°
  • Both bowling hands are improperly placed for holding the bowling ball
  • No knee bend
  • Feet are improperly positioned

In order to get into the proper setup for the bowling stance, make these adjustments:

  • Spine to 15° forward tilt
  • Tilt or lower your throwing arm shoulder
  • Place your non-bowling hand more underneath/side of the ball
  • Place your dominant hand underneath the ball
  • Bend your knees
  • Bring your non-slide foot back behind your slide foot

It’s difficult to fix other areas of your game if the bowling stance is improper. What happens at the start is a direct effect of what happens at the pins.

The effects of making these adjustments will impact every part of your game. You’ll achieve better timing, a straighter arm swing, a stronger finish position, and you’ll hit your target more frequently.

The next time you are at practice, slow down, get yourself properly set-up in the bowling stance and then go through your shot. You’ll notice the difference in an hour, and realize you’ve used muscles you probably haven’t used in a while.

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