Proper Bowling Stance and Approach

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Duration: 6:16

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For bowlers of all skill levels, shot repeatability should always be the primary goal when translating training to competition. If you can put the same solid stroke on the ball each time, utilizing proper technique from the initial bowling stance and approach to the slide and the finish, you give yourself a solid chance at a better average.

Repeatability is typically demonstrated by your score at the end of a game, but it can also become fairly obvious whether or not you’re implementing a good bowling stroke consistently if you step back and take a closer look at your technique. In assessing technique, it’s important to trace your stroke from the foul line backward to the start, looking for breakdowns and finding places where your form can be improved. With this idea in mind, we go back to the beginning of the approach and introduce the key components of correct bowling stance and approach, so you can get each of your movements right from the moment you first look down the lane.

Proper Bowling Stance and Approach

In order to help you hone in on your optimal bowling stance and approach and perfect your bowling setup, Rod Ross and Kim Terrell Kearney teach you some of the essentials of technique and weight distribution for a well executed bowling stance.

To learn how to improve your bowling stance, Rod and Kim believe you should begin by creating optimal balance between your upper and lower bodies. They explain what happens in your bowling stroke when you place the ball’s weight and the majority of your body weight in the wrong places during your initial bowling stance and approach, and then discuss some simple tips you can practice to improve weight distribution and take stress of your body during the approach.

Most players lack repeatability in their bowling stroke because their posture is maligned and they are compensating for poor bowling stance and approach in the latter stages of their stroke. Fix your posture and put your weight where it needs to be from the very start, and you will set yourself up for a better finish.