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How Do I Put Surface on My Bowling Ball?

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Applying surface to your bowling ball using a sanding pad is vital to your success out on the lanes. If your bowling ball isn’t reacting the way you’d like, changing the bowling ball surface will help create the ball motion desired to strike more consistently. In this free video, Ronald Hinkland Jr., CEO of Creating the Difference, walks you through the process of how to sand a bowling ball.

Get the Numbers

It’s important to identify what grit was used when your bowling ball was originally sanded. You can find this information on your ball manufacturer’s website.

The Setup

In this example, there are two grit numbers, 500 and 2000. In order to obtain a 2000 grit finish, the manufacturer had to apply surface to the bowling ball twice, first with 500, next with 2000.

TruCut sanding pads, from Creating the Difference, are designed to eliminate the need to apply 500 grit to obtain a true 2000 grit surface on your bowling ball. This eliminates extra work to get the surface of the bowling ball where you want it, the first time.

How to Sand a Bowling Ball

Start by sanding half of the bowling ball on the sides and the top, twice.

Next, flip the ball over and repeat the process.

Finally, clean the bowling ball using cleaner to remove the dust from the surface.

Per USBC rules, if you are going to sand your bowling ball you must hit the entire bowling ball surface. Learning how to sand a bowling ball properly will help you achieve this. Remember, this can only be done before or after competition.


The surface of your bowling ball is affected every time it touches the lane. Lane Shine is created by the ball return systems and also plays a factor in how your bowling ball changes surface.

Keeping all of that in mind, follow these simple maintenance guidelines: 1) Clean your bowling ball before and after competition with a bowling ball cleaner. 2) Apply desired surface (sand your bowling ball) every three to six games.

You can learn how each grit reacts on the lane in “Bowling Ball Surface Adjustments” and our Bowling Equipment library is full of helpful tips from our expert coaches.

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