Ron Hoppe

Senior Bowling Drills To Enhance Your Game

Ron Hoppe
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Duration:   7  mins

Perhaps the greatest thing about bowling is that it’s one of the few sports that can be played by people of all ages, from toddlers to seniors and everywhere in between. And thanks to a number of big changes to the sport in the last few decades, it has become easier for senior bowlers to keep improving their game without having to worry about their bodies taking on a ton of stress. Modern equipment has allowed players to step down in weight and take some of the pressure off the spine, making senior bowling much more comfortable. But the improvements aren’t limited to just these two aspects. Today we talk about some of the drills senior bowlers can practice at home or on the lanes to improve their game.

Drills for better senior bowling posture

In order to improve as a bowler, we must first determine the components of our game that need the most attention. For senior bowlers, the part of their game that can always be worked on is the bowling posture. Posture is largely inherent, so we don’t tend to pay particular attention to maintaining a good body shape; we just do what feels natural. But in senior bowling, practicing a solid posture is necessary for building balance and proper technique for each and every roll. With that in mind, our instructor demonstrates a few basic bowling tips for seniors that you can repeat at home to train your body to maintain the right posture.

More drills for proper senior bowling technique

Once we’ve taken a look at what it takes to improve posture before and during the approach, we introduce a few more drills that focus on honing upper body strength and becoming more cohesive in order to get all parts of the body working together seamlessly. Senior bowling can put a decent amount of stress on the body, but if you emphasize good technique in every part of your approach, you can avoid injury and feel more confident about your game.

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