Leah Zahner

Standing I-Y-T Exercise with Dumbbells

Leah Zahner
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Duration:   1 mins

Bowling can fatigue your back and shoulders especially if you sit a lot throughout the day for your job. This standing I-Y-T exercise with dumbbells is designed to target the biggest group of muscles in your shoulders and back, all in one exercise. You will spell the letters I, Y, and T with your arms.

The I-Y-T exercise is a full-range-of-motion exercise for your shoulders, and the benefits include:

  • Strengthening joints
  • Enhancing muscle coordination
  • Promoting muscle growth
  • Improving bone density, balance and posture

Let’s get started.

Doing the I-Y-T Exercise: Step 1

Standing upright with the dumbbells down by your thighs, lift your arms straight forward and then return them to the starting position. You’ve just made an I with your dumbbells.

I-Y-T Exercise 1

Step 2

This time, lift your arms up again, but extend them out a little bit more to make the Y in this exercise.

I-Y-T Exercise 2

Step 3

Finally, lift your arms directly out to the side to make the T in this exercise.

I-Y-T Exercise 3

Try to avoid lifting with your lower back while doing this exercise. You want to generate momentum from your shoulders. It’s a great exercise to do before weight lifting and before your bowl. It gets the shoulders and back ready for more rigorous work.

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