Leah Zahner

Strengthening Your Core with the Dead Bug Exercise

Leah Zahner
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Duration:   1  mins

This exercise may look and feel silly. Hence the name. But as far as core exercises go, the Dead Bug Exercise may be the most influential. This ab exercise is a great place to start core training for beginners and experts alike.

Bowling is a dynamic motion and this exercise trains trunk stability and is geared to help protect your lower back. Specifically, the Dead Bug Exercise hits the core unlike other core exercises that can get the arms, shoulders, and neck involved in ways you may not want.

Step 1

Start by laying flat on your back with your arms and legs elevated.

Dead Bug 1

Step 2

Next, release one leg down. Simultaneously release the opposite arm down while holding the non exercised arm and leg in position. Return to your starting position and exercise the opposite arm and leg.

Dead Bug 2

The abdominal muscles are used to press your back into the floor throughout the exercise. If you feel your back rise up off the floor, you are going too far/fast. Keeping your back to the floor is key to strengthening your core with the Dead Bug Exercise so if you need to slow down or not go as far with your arms and legs, do so.

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