Scott Pohl

Two-Handed Bowling: Kneel Down Drill

Scott Pohl
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Duration:   1  mins

There are many components to the two-handed bowling game, and the release of the bowling ball is one of the most difficult to learn. Why, you may ask? Because it happens in a split second, and clearly, that is not a lot of time to evaluate your performance.

In this premium video, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, explains the importance of the kneel-down drill and how you can incorporate it into your next training session.

Slow it down

Kneeling down at the foul line and releasing the bowling ball eliminates every other aspect of bowling’s physical game. This takes all of the work out of the approach and enables two-handed bowlers the ability to dissect the release at the foul line. In other words, slowing it down to just working on the release.

Make it happen

Start by taking your spare ball up to the foul line and kneel down with your slide foot facing the pins and your opposite knee on the approach. Next, pick a target at the arrows. Then get your hand into a good position with your fingers at the bottom of the bowling ball. Swing the ball back and forth a few times, and let your arms follow through the shot.

You should feel the ball on the left side of your hand as a right-handed player. This is known as getting your hand “inside” the bowling ball.

Kneel Down 1

Axis rotation practice

Where you position your hand on the bowling ball affects how the bowling ball rolls on the lane. Having the ability to release the bowling ball with different hand positions will keep you in the pocket when the lanes transition.

Changing your hand position from 0º – 90º impacts ball roll. Closer to 0º will provide a more end-over-end roll.

Kneel Down 2

Medium rotation, 30º – 60º, is a standard hand position for controlled ball roll and smooth backend reaction.

Kneel Down 3

Maximum rotation is as close to 90º axis rotation. This will create more revolutions on the bowling ball and provide more left-right backend reactions.

Kneel Down 4

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