Hank Boomershine

Warmups for Young Bowlers: Easy Exercises for Mobility

Hank Boomershine
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Duration:   2  mins

Bowling is a sport just like any other and can be equally tough on the body, which means you have to prepare beforehand by warming up and loosening your muscles. While this is highly important for older bowlers, coaches often forget that their young bowlers need to warm up in the same way to prevent injuries and get the blood flowing to the right muscles. Warmups for young bowlers don’t need to be overly complicated, they just need to be intensive enough to make sure they’re prepared to throw a heavy ball down the lane. In this lesson, we demonstrate a few simple warmups for young bowlers that coaches can teach their students to do before every practice and game.

Essential warmups for young bowlers

More often that not, bowlers will show up to the alley and do a couple static stretches, such as shoulder pulls and touch-the-toes, and then start throwing the ball down the lane. Now, this may seem like a good thing, but this kind of stretching can be more damaging than helpful, because the muscles aren’t prepared for exertion. For proper preparation, Hank Boomershine is going to introduce a few warmups for young bowlers that get the blood pumping and the major muscles loosened.

With the help of a demonstrator, Hank shows you a handful of basic warmups for young bowlers that stretch out important muscles in the upper and lower body. You’ll learn how to utilize these basic exercises for youth bowling to help your kids avoid injury and be more successful on the lane from the very first throw. As mentioned above, warmups for young bowlers don’t have to take 20 minutes or get a major sweat going, they just need to get the body ready for exertion. This is a quick bowling warm-up that stretches the upper and lower body and will have your bowlers ready to go in just a couple minutes. Work these warmups for young bowlers into your next coaching session, and we guarantee your bowlers will be raring and ready to go!

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