Wrist Strengthening: Radial and Ulnar Deviation

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Duration: 1:14

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To change your axis rotation and axis tilt while bowling requires a strong wrist. The weight of the bowling ball coupled with altering hand positions are challenges that the wrist has to be ready for, shot after shot.

Wrist Strengthening 1

In this premium video, Leah Zahner, Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), uses a broom stick to help strengthen and warm up the muscles that move the wrist side-to-side.

Step 1

Start by bringing the arm that is holding the broomstick close to your body. A good way to remember this is to take your elbow and place it on your hip.

Wrist Strengthening 2

Step 2

Grip the broom stick with your thumb pointed down to the floor.

Wrist Strengthening 3

Step 3

Control the lift up and down. The height of the lift should be parallel to the floor.

Wrist Strengthening 4

Step 4

After 10 to 15 reps, it’s time to switch positions. Rotate the broomstick so that it is extending behind you.

The grip remains the same and the goal of controlling the lift up and down also remains the same.

Wrist Strengthening 5

After 10 to 15 reps, switch from your dominant to non-dominant hand and repeat. This helps to avoid imbalances.

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