At Home Bowling Drills with Eileen’s Bowling Buddy Products

Can’t get to the lanes? Everyone is doing their best with today’s “new normal” due to COVID19.

Long before all of this, Eileen’s Bowling Buddy made training products for on and off the lane. National Bowling Academy had the opportunity to produce some videos with Silver level coaches Dan Triske and Doug O’Bryant along with Junior Gold Champion Annalise O’Bryant.

Swing and Alignment Trainer

The combination of the Swing and Alignment Trainer from Eileen’s Bowling Buddy offers tremendous benefits to your game.

The Swing Trainer comes in multiple sizes from small to extra large.

It promotes:
-Straight arm swing
-Straight back, straight forward swing
-Loose arm swing
-Smooth gravity-fed swing
-A wobble in the back or in the front of the swing means you are grabbing or muscling
-Work on hand position and staying behind the pin throughout the swing
-Helps Improve balance and core strength

Alignment Trainer

The Alignment Trainer aligns your bowling arm’s swing path.

It promotes:
-One flexible silicone rubber pad that you place on the floor
-Comes with four rods that you place into the holes in the four corners of the Alignment Trainer.
-Adjust the width of the opening by moving the rods to the outer holes for a wider opening, or adjust the holes closest to the center for a smaller opening.
-Swing your hand, Swing Trainer, Power Trainer, or a bowling ball through the opening
-Practice a straight arm swing

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Feel Trainer

Eileen’s Bowling Buddy has developed a way to practice your bowling release without the weight of a bowling ball – and you can do it in your own home.

This training aid, called the Feel Trainer, will:
-Train the skills of touch
-Teach you how the bowling ball should feel coming off your fingers
-Strengthen your fingers and forearm
-Provide practice drills to improve release consistency

As you roll the Feel Trainer off your hand, you flip it up with your bowling fingers. As you do this, you learn how the bowling ball feels coming off your hand. The colors on the ball while in flight identify the type of roll your bowling ball has and will have when you actually throw a bowling ball on the lanes.

In this video, Silver level coaches Dan Triske and Doug O’Bryant along with Junior Gold Champion Annalise O’Bryant put the Feel Trainer to the test. They demonstrate four different releases, that you can practice at home including:
-Hand behind the ball
-Hand around the ball
-Weaker hand position
-Stronger hand position

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Check out other National Bowling Academy videos, like Tools for Training and How to Achieve a Free Arm Swing to see more of Eileen’s Bowling Buddies in action.

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  1. Steve Keller

    What aid would you recommend for someone who comes around the ball/ chicken wings a bit ? The swing trainer & the feel trainer ?
    Thank you

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