Richard Shockley & Dan Triske

How to Achieve a Free Arm Swing with the Swing Trainer

Richard Shockley & Dan Triske
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Duration:   5  mins

A free arm swing in bowling is when the ball controls your arm throughout the swing rather than you controlling the ball.

When you do not have a free arm swing, inconsistencies develop in your game including:

  • – Missed targeting
  • – Falling off the shot, imbalance at the finish position
  • – Injury

Gold Coach and Bowler Development Lead at Bowlersmart Richard Shockley and Silver Level Coach Dan Triske demonstrate a free arm swing with both a bowling ball and the Swing Trainer from Eileen’s Bowling Buddy.

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or just learning how to bowl, the Swing Trainer will both show you, and demonstrate how a relaxed arm swing feels simultaneously.

Pulling Down with Your Shoulder (Backswing)

When you have a free, loose arm swing, your arm works like a pendulum. The bowling ball creates all of the force while your elbow stays pointed towards your body throughout the entire swing and release.

Notice how the swing trainer bends at the top of the backswing as Triske pulls down with his shoulder.

When you pull down with your shoulder and your elbow comes away from your body, you are controlling the bowling ball, not allowing the ball to control your arm.

The swing trainer is designed to emulate a free swing and if at any point in the swing it wobbles, something went wrong.

Push Away Problem

There’s a saying in bowling coaching circles that’s never been more true for this scenario: “A good start leads to a good finish.”

Here is another example of the swing trainer wobbling during the push away:

The Swing Trainer wobbled because it exited the push away early.

Straight Arm Swing with the Swing Trainer

Here is an example of a free and loose arm swing. Notice there is no wobble.

The Swing Trainer from Eilleen’s Bowling Buddy teaches you how to bowl with a loose arm swing while saving wear and tear on the body from working with a heavy bowling ball.

You can also use it to warm up and stay loose in between shots at your league or tournament.

Want to learn more about troubleshooting arm swing and push away issues?

Watch these videos for more:

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