Scott Pohl

How to Develop a Straight Arm Swing

Scott Pohl
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Duration:   2  mins

Do you struggle to hit your target consistently? One good shot, followed by a bad shot, followed by who knows what makes it difficult to get into a rhythm and string strikes together.

In this premium video, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, shows common errors made in the stance that makes it impossible for the swing plane to be straight. He also demonstrates how to get the ball started when initiating the swing to help you improve your consistency shot to shot.

Incorrect Arm Swing

Where you hold your bowling ball in the stance affects how your arm will swing. Too far left or too far right, too high or too low all result in an errant swing. In this example, Bowler Hailey Triske is holding the bowling ball too high and too far to the left.

Straight Arm Swing 1

The placement of the bowling ball in the stance caused Hailey’s shot to miss right. The bowling ball looped around her body and ended up inside where a straight arm swing should occur.

Straight Arm Swing 2

Straight Arm Swing

Good placement of the bowling ball in the stance is located under the chin and just above waist high. Check out more on how to hold the bowling ball in this video.

Straight Arm Swing 3

This is the first step in creating a straight arm swing.

Straight Arm Swing 4

The second step is footwork. The body needs to get out of the way of the bowling ball at the start of the arm swing. Too many bowlers try to make the ball get out of the way of the body and try to correct it in the back swing. This can be done, just not consistently.

To better develop a consistent straight arm swing utilize a crossover step during the ball start on the approach.

Straight Arm Swing 5

Stepping in front of your slide foot creates room for the ball to pass your hip and stay in a straight line enabling you to hit your target consistently.

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