Scott Pohl

How to Get the Most From Your Bowling Coach

Scott Pohl
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Duration:   2  mins

To improve in the sport of bowling you’re going to need a coach. Professional bowlers at the highest level have their go-to coaches that know their game inside and out. With that said, sometimes professional bowlers seek out alternative opinions and seeing multiple coaches can help gain a new perspective.

Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, gives five areas, you, the bowler should take into account when seeking out a bowling coach.

Build a Relationship

In order to understand what makes you tick as a bowler, a coach will get familiar with:

  • – Your bowling history
  • – How much you bowl
  • – What you want to work on
  • – Goals


Knowing what you can and can’t do is essential when working within your limitations. Gauging your success has to be individual. Everyone’s bowling makeup is different. Bowlers do share common problems, but oftentimes there are different answers from bowler to bowler.

How Do You Learn

There is not a one-size-fits-all coaching method. A good coach listens and applies his or her knowledge in a way that fits the way you learn best. Knowing how you learn best and articulating that with your coach will help speed up progress. Types of learners include:

  • – Visual
  • – Recite and repeat
  • – Research and understanding
  • – Hybrid of the above mentioned

Practice Habits

If your idea of practice is bowling for score in between competitions, you are missing out on your fullest potential in the sport of bowling. Check out “How To Train Your Game” for some great advice.

Mental Game

Learning how to prepare, handle and maintain mentally for all the ups and downs bowling offers is vital for improvement. Knowing when and where to address concerns is just as vital as knowing how to do so. Check out all of our mental game videos to learn how to train the brain.

Remember, the area of improvement in your game that you think you need to work on often is not the issue that needs to be addressed, so having an extra set of eyes watching you and video of your game to analyze areas of concern is crucial to making a plan to improve your fundamentals.

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