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Improve Your Grip with Rosin

National Bowling Academy Editors
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Does your grip occasionally just not feel right? When the bowling ball doesn’t feel right in your hand, your rev rate, accuracy, and scores will all suffer. Having the correct span with personalized hole sizes and pitch angles is what makes your bowling ball yours.

Rosin alleviates your hand from squeezing the holes in a bowling ball and helps to reduce grip pressure. Squeezing the bowling ball is bad for your game. In this free video, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, explains the differences between rosin bags and how they can impact your game.

Proper Fit

To ensure a proper fit, put your fingers and thumb into the bowling ball and place it on the side of your body.

Proper Fit

The bowling ball should stay in your hand without your assistance. If you are unable to do this, your fit is incorrect and it will affect your bowling technique.

Even if your fit is correct, your hand size will change based on the environment you’re bowling in. The change in seasons or a location change from humid to dry will impact your grip. The finite adjustment must be made to get the ball to feel just right in your hand, and rosin bags will come in handy when your bowling ball feels too loose or too tight.

Puff Ball

Bowlers with dryer hands that feel like their bowling ball is a little loose that given day should use the Puff Ball.

Puff Ball

It provides a chalky feel and is again designed for bowlers with dryer hands.

Grip Sac

Bowlers with clammy or sweaty hands that feel like their bowling ball is a little loose on a given day should use the Grip Sac.

Grip Sac

It will help keep your hand dry if you perspire and reduce grip pressure.

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