Dan Triske & Doug O'Bryant

Improving Your Bowling Release with "The Feel Trainer"

Dan Triske & Doug O'Bryant
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Duration:   6  mins

Do you want the ability to better your game off the lanes? Eileen’s Bowling Buddy has developed a way to practice the bowling release without the weight of a bowling ball – and you can do it in your own home.

With the Feel Trainer, you can:

  • – Train the skills of touch
  • – Learn how the bowling ball should feel coming off your fingers
  • – Strengthen your fingers and forearm
  • – Use practice drills to improve release consistency

As you roll the Feel Trainer off your hand, you flip it up with your bowling fingers. As you do this, you learn how the bowling ball feels coming off your hand. The colors on the ball while inflight identify the type of roll your bowling ball has and will have when you actually throw a bowling ball on the lanes.

Silver level coaches Dan Triske and Doug O’Bryant along with Junior Gold Champion Annalise O’Bryant put the Feel Trainer to the test.

They will demonstrate four different releases, that you can practice at home including:

  • – Hand behind the ball
  • – Hand around the ball
  • – Weaker hand position
  • – Stronger hand position

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Hand Behind the Ball

The hand is positioned behind the ball as it rolls of O’Bryant’s fingers. Notice how the ball is rolling. The line is rolling forward or end over end. This bowling release is good for drier lane conditions.

Hand Around the Ball

A typical strike shot bowling release hand position is around the bowling ball as the fingers release it. Compare the differences between how the ball is rolling from behind and around and you’ll see that behind rolls close to 0°, where around the ball rolls closer to 90°.

Weaker Hand Position

A great spare release, the weaker hand position cocks the wrist back as the fingers roll the ball. Also known as killing the ball, with no rotation, the bowling ball will go straight with this bowling release.

Stronger Hand Position

Cupping your hand occurs in the bowling release when you bring the ball back closer to your wrist throughout the shot. Keeping your elbow pointed in and allowing the ball to roll off the fingers from a cupped position, increases RPMs.

Practice these different bowling release hand positions with The Feel Trainer from Eileen’s Bowling Buddy and use promo code NBA19 to receive a $5 discount off of your order today.

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