Release Drills for a Better Bowling Finish Position

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Duration: 13:17

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The release is one of the most essential components of a good bowling stroke, but for many bowlers it’s also the least trained component. With so much happening in a short period of time, it can be difficult to hone and improve your bowling finish position unless you slow it down and focus solely on the release.

Typically, when amateur bowlers practice their bowling finish position, they try to make improvements at full speed with their complete stroke. However, we’ve found it’s much easier to tweak an aspect of your stroke by focusing in on that one aspect and cutting out the rest. Thus, to improve your bowling finish position, you should start at the foul line and just practice the release, and then work your way back once you’ve nailed the basics. In this lesson, we teach you some simple drills you can add to your training regimen to hone in on your bowling finish position and improve your release.

Improve your release through better bowling finish position

To help you create a stronger, more consistent release at the foul line, bowling coach Stephen Padilla heads to the home of McKendree Bowling to talk with the coaches about some of the drills their bowlers practice to improve their bowling finish position. You’ll learn expert tips for bowling and discover why honing in on a single aspect of your stroke is so essential for making changes to your game.

To emphasize the importance of breaking down your release, Bryan and Shannon O’Keefe demonstrate a few easy exercises you can add to your practice routine for a better bowling finish position and release. They show you how to complete the bowling finish position release drill for both a backup release and traditional release, as well as a new spin on the classic pivot step drill that trains you to better utilize your lower body. Incorporate these bowling approach tips for a better release, and we guarantee you’ll notice big changes in your bowling finish position and, ultimately, your average!