Balance & Stability Training

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Hamstring stretch with a box
Adding a side bend to the lunge workout
How to do dumbell lunges
Completing a barbell lunge
How to do a plank
Single leg balance touch exercise
How to do a rotating lunge
IT band foam roller
Rotating lunge with a medicine ball
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13 Responses to “Balance & Stability Training”

  1. Harold S Bunch

    Many seniors cannot do all those exercises. We try to do the best we can. For me, I am 81, 13 lb ball and 9-10 mph. I have to stand at the foul line and try to throw the ball. I am working on my release and I have shined up my ball so at my very slow speed, I can get the ball down the lane farther before any hook action.

  2. Stacey Smith

    I look at your video great learn off them I am bowling now use be right hand now teach my self left hand

      • Customer Service

        Hello Milton, thanks for the question.

        Anytime you do not have competition or training on the lanes.

        Thanks for watching!
        National Bowling Academy

    • Customer Service

      Hello Duane!

      Great question! You can adapt any of these workouts to fit your needs! If a workout requires any weights, just make sure they’re not so heavy they’ll injure wrists or arms. If the workout calls for stretching, just take it as best as you can. We don’t want you to push too hard and injure yourself!

      Thank you!

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