RIchard Shockley

Knee Continuation in Bowling's Finish Position

RIchard Shockley
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Cause and effect is defined as, “A relationship in which one event (the cause) makes another event happen (the effect).”

Posting a shot is defined as: “To retain a stationary, stable, balanced position until well after the end of a delivery.”

Knee continuation is the cause in this example while posting a shot is the effect.

Gold Coach and Bowler Development Lead at Bowlersmart Richard Shockley will walk through what happens when you knee flexes and when it doesn’t while posting a shot.

Posting a shot happens in the finish position at the foul line.

Knee continuation occurs when your slide foot comes to a complete stop.

Your knee continues to flex forward as your sliide stops. The rest of the body follows in line with the knee until you have nicely posted your shot. Knee continuation gives you balance and control at the bottom of the swing.

An area where bowlers run into problems is when they fall off the shot while posting it. Falling off is caused by the knee stiffening instead of flexing. It’s a sure fire way to miss the target you are aiming at.

A great way to slow down the approach and practice posting a shot is with drills.

The one step drill and the one step and slide drill are great drill designed to demonstrate how to post a shot at the foul line.

Be sure to check out more physical game and free videos that the National bowling Academy has to offer.

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