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When you enter league play, it can be highly important to utilize an extensive bowling ball arsenal in order to accommodate any lane conditions. We all have a benchmark ball we’re most comfortable using, but oil patterns and wear in the lane don’t always dictate sticking with the benchmark. If you can stay on top of lane adjustments as you notice them and make the right equipment decision at the right time, you’ll be able to separate yourself as a two-handed bowler. To help you get a good sense of the type of bowling ball arsenal you should consider developing, Stephen Padilla talks with professional Anthony Simonsen about the two-handed balls he typically selects to take with him to an upcoming tournament.

Consider the surface

When picking your bowling ball arsenal for league play, Stephen emphasizes the importance of bringing along a variety of bowling balls with different surfaces. It’s difficult to tell what will happen to lane conditions or how your benchmark ball will react. Thus, your bowling ball arsenal should include a nice range of surfaces. This will allow you to make a crucial change to the best ball for your current situation.

Also, according to Anthony, it is equally important for overall success how well you take care of these surfaces, both before and during a tournament. Keep the surfaces of your bowling ball arsenal fresh so you get the most out of each ball’s unique characteristics.

Pin placement changes

Lastly, Anthony and Stephen discuss a recent rule change in regards to thumb and balance hole placement that affects most two-handed bowlers and their bowling ball arsenal as they prepare for an upcoming tournament. With that in mind, remember the importance of staying up to date on the rules of bowling. You should always know what you can and can’t do on the lanes.

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