• 8:46

    Bowling Tools for Training

    Del Warren discusses types of bowling tools for training that provide instant feedback. As opposed to always having to throw a ball to train yourself, these tools can be a great for using off the lanes. Del demonstrates various drills that utilize these bowling tools.

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  • 5:36

    Lane Machines

    Herman Glenn shows the different machines that have been used to apply oil and clean the lanes. Every bowling ball, bowling pin, cleaner and conditioner must go through equipment specifications testing before they can be approved for use.

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  • 6:56

    Taping Your Hand With Bowling Tape

    Bowling coaches Mike Nyitray and Rod Ross discuss how the way we use bowling tape has evolved over the past decade. While bowlers in the past have taped inside the bowling ball, it is more common now for bowlers to tape their hands.  Watch how a bowler uses tape on his fingers and thumb to…

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  • 1:59

    Proper Bowling Ball Fit

    Like with the essential equipment of any other sport, if you’re uncomfortable with your bowling ball fit, you’re going to notice inconsistencies in your game. Bowling coaches Kim Terrell-Kearney and Bryan O’Keefe discuss the basic things you should consider when being fitted, including hand size, flexibility and finger strength.

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  • 9:18

    Impact of Bowling Ball Surface Adjustments

    Probably the easiest adjustment that a bowler can make to their ball is changing the bowling ball surface. Coaches Kim Terrell-Kearney and Ken Yokobosky discuss how the surface of a bowling ball accounts for the majority of that ball’s reaction. Don’t waste time and money plugging and re-drilling your bowling balls. Watch this video to learn how this quick and…

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  • 7:53

    Bowling Tape

    Bowling hall of famer Aleta Sill is joined by coaches Michelle Mullen and Rod Ross discuss the proper way to use of bowlers tape to make sure your ball has the right fit. Bowlers tape is used to adjust the size of your gripping holes so you can achieve a light grip pressure. A lighter grip…

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  • 4:13

    Bowling Ball Arsenal

    Bryan O’Keefe and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard discuss building a bowling ball arsenal. Listen as they discuss the importance of finding the best layouts for your ball, ball surface and lane conditions. Each ball may have a different purpose, but each are equally important to your arsenal.

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  • 3:11

    Developing Your Bowling Ball Arsenal

    Coaches Rod Ross and Kim Terrell-Kearney talk about managing your bowling ball arsenal and teach you why it is more important to pay attention to the surface of the ball and the lane compared to the core of the ball. Examples include showing the minimal difference between a pin-up and pin-down ball and how altering…

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  • 12:07

    Tips for Bowling: Ball Matrix

    Coach Rod Ross explains how bowling ball dynamics have changed over time. This video will showcase many of the variables that determine what a ball does and how ball speed impacts your results.

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