• 12:57

    Tracking Your Bowler Statistics with Simple Tools

    For many competitors, bowler statistics are just numbers that they don’t factor into their mentality. For those looking to take the next step into a more focused and intentional gameplan, bowler statistics are crucial pieces of information that tell the story of their game. Whether it’s learning to adjust to changing lane conditions by taking…

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  • 2:48

    How to Decrease Bowling Ball Force for Better Results

    Bowling is a complex sport, and as such it’s often difficult to determine what you need to correct or improve when things don’t seem to be going right with your stroke. Typically, though, we’ve found that one of the most common reasons bowlers are missing their target is that they’re throwing the ball too hard.…

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  • 5:19

    Bowling Ball Speed

    Kim Terrell-Kearney and Frank Buffa provide a few helpful tips for improving consistency in your bowling ball speed. Learn how to adjust your ball speed correctly as well as learn how to throw the ball at three speeds. Find out why it is important to be able to throw the ball at different speeds. Feel…

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  • 7:35

    Bowling Approach Tips: Physics and Biometrics

    Sports performance specialist Nick Bohanan and bowling coach Rod Ross provide some helpful tips and present the biomechanics of creating ball speed through the approach. A demonstration with E.A.R.L. will show how creating ball speed and learning about the physics and biometrics in bowling will enhance your game.

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