• 0:57

    Modified Squat With a Balance Aid

    Every bowler needs balance and stability on the approach and squats are an excellent exercise for bowlers to achieve it. On the way down your knees and hips flex, and on the way up your knees and hips extend. Be it age or injury, squats can be too difficult for some to accomplish. In this…

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  • 1:05

    Finish Position Training with Slider Exercises

    Bowling’s finish position is rigorous in nature. Think about it, all of the speed from your footwork culminates into a slide and stop at the foul line all while holding onto and releasing a heavy object, repeatedly. That repetitive behavior adds up, and can take a toll on the body. Slider exercises are great for…

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  • 1:38

    How To Do Shoulder Elastic Band Rows

    In order to have good posture and balance, upper back muscles need training. Resistance band shoulder exercises are great for rehabbing an upper back injury, improving back strength, and helping to stabilize your shoulders. Straighter, lower rev players require less shoulder rotation in the finish position than higher rev players that have to open the…

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