• Bowling Profile

    Improve Your Game with a Detailed Bowling Profile

    Every bowler, beginner and professional alike, has their own bowling personality. Where they release the ball, what their target is, how they attack the pocket — each component of a bowler’s game adds up to make a unique personality. According to bowling coach Mike Dias, assessing your bowling personality can be extremely important for determining…

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  • 4:14

    How Many Bowling Balls Do I Need for Success?

    Bowlers often wonder if their arsenal is filled with the right stuff, and exactly how much stuff is needed. While there’s no magic number for the amount of bowling balls you choose to carry in your bag, there is a right way and a wrong way to build your arsenal. The wrong way is buying…

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  • Bowling Approach Steps for a Proper Release

    Proper Bowling Approach Steps

    Bowling is a sport of cause and effect. To nail the finish, you have to have nailed the pushaway. Likewise, if you mistime your swing or take a wrong step in the approach, you’ll also misfire at the point of release. That’s why it’s important to trace your stroke back from the second you let…

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  • 12:22

    Creating Proper Ball Motion on a Long Lane Oil Pattern

    The long lane oil pattern is generally the most difficult lane condition to play, especially when the oil is in transition. For most bowlers, the trouble with a long lane oil pattern lies in navigating the roll and skid with proper ball motion. Shape your shot according to the conditions, and you give yourself a…

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  • 14:13

    Bowling Adjustments: Tips For Moving On The Lane

    The most successful bowlers know when to make positive bowling adjustments on the lane, whether in regards to their foot placement, wrist position or the spot they choose to target. As a lane starts to dry up after repeated use and the motion of your bowling ball is affected, it becomes highly important to stay…

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  • 7:53

    Creating Proper Ball Motion On Medium Lane Oil Pattern

    Next in our series on creating the proper ball motion on various patterns is the medium-length lane oil pattern. Today we take a look at the best ways to adjust your game to accommodate a medium pattern, whether freshly laid out or in transition. Creating ball motion on a medium pattern To help you figure…

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  • 12:15

    Creating Proper Ball Motion: Short Oil Pattern

    Every bowler throws the ball slightly different, generating a rev rate, tilt and ball speed that is distinctly their own. Because of this, each individual bowler has to figure out how to create the proper ball motion for their unique stroke in order to be successful on any lane. Today, we take a look at…

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  • 3:18

    Targeting the 3 Parts of a Bowling Lane

    Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and Pat Costello introduce you to a helpful practice method designed to increase your accuracy. Learn how to visualize and target three specific parts of the bowling lane, and how cones can be used to enhance these targets.

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  • 7:31

    Bowling Team Drill: Walk the Line

    Pat Costello and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard present a team drill known as walk the line. This drill focuses on players watching each other and helping improve your team’s accuracy. It is important for the bowler following you to know where you finished the previous shot. This will help you and your teammates improve.

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