• 14:33

    Mystery Bowling Oil Pattern #1: How to Get Lined Up

    Today’s bowling oil patterns are the most complex bowlers have ever faced. Whether you’re tournament bowling or sport shot bowling, getting lined up can be difficult – especially when sport shot leagues and tournaments are choosing not to provide information on the oil pattern. Coach Erik Vermilyea with Track has developed a way for both…

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  • 13:01

    Using the Latest Bowling Accessories to Improve Your Game

    As with most solo sports, success in bowling requires total control of your environment. You’re up there by yourself, so only you can dictate the results of your play. And the thing that most often separates successful tournament bowlers from talented weekend warriors is a focused discipline toward maintaining their environment. In this lesson, we…

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  • A Guide to Picking the Best Bowling Balls for Your Arsenal

    Picking the Best Bowling Balls for Your Arsenal

    When it comes to preparing your arsenal for tournament play, it’s highly important that you be versatile and adaptable to small changes on the lane, as often seen in collegiate tournaments. That’s because collegiate tournaments are unpredictable for oil patterns and lane conditions; there’s no telling what you’ll face ahead of time, so you have…

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