• 8:38

    Tips for a Better Pushaway

    Getting into the rhythm of the swing starts at the beginning with the pushaway. When off, repeatability of shots is next to impossible. Bowling coach Mike Dias identifies common issues bowler’s face when working with the pushaway. Whether you start too early or late, your balance is off, or your pushing in the wrong direction,…

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  • 15:29

    How Bowling Swing Mechanics Affect Timing

    If a bowling coach told you to step up to lane and roll your best shot with your best bowling swing mechanics, and then asked you how many times you swung the ball in order to throw it down the lane, what would you say? Obviously once, right? That’s what we thought, too, until we…

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  • 12:17

    Bowling Mechanics for Great Finish Position

    For utmost success in bowling, repeatability will always be our most important buzzword. What we mean by that is can you discover your best technique and then do it again and again? Is each successive roll the same as the one before it? At the ITRC, we’ve found that when asked to complete 10 shots…

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