• 1:29

    Establish a Straight Arm Swing with the Ball Start Drill

    How the bowling ball gets started out of the stance is fundamental for a straight arm swing. If you start the ball too far to the right it will wrap behind your back and you’ll miss the target to the right. The result is the ball not picking up down the lane. If you start…

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  • 2:42

    Bowlers and Bowling Coaches

    Coaches are instrumental in a bowler’s success. A good bowling coach understands that everyone learns differently and can impart knowledge accordingly. Regardless of how you learn, you must be able to try new things and ditch the idea that your game may be negatively impacted. These areas of improvement that coaches work with you on…

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  • 1:08

    Medicine Ball Exercises: Lunge with a Side Bend

    Medicine ball exercises are often found in Ballistics Training or Power Training. This type of training requires muscles to adapt and contract quickly, and forcefully. Bowling’s approach and finish position are physically demanding on the body, especially with the repetitive nature associated with the sport. Medicine ball exercises are a great way to add weight…

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  • 1:04

    Adding a Side Bend to The Lunge Workout

    A traditional lunge is a great lower body workout. It can be done anywhere, anytime, without any additional equipment. Modifying the lunge with a side bend increases the difficulty giving you added benefits with this exercise. Bowling’s finish position takes a lot of lower body strength. Without a balanced, stable finish position, hitting your target…

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