• 3:19

    Proper Setup for Bowling Stance

    Are you having trouble with your timing? Maybe you’re having trouble hitting your mark consistently? These are just a few areas in your game where having a proper setup in the bowling stance will benefit you. If you are a beginner who hasn’t received this instruction, or an advanced bowler that can’t quite figure out…

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  • 6:53

    The Bowling Power Step

    Every bowler has a different body type and may need to use different timing in their approach. Bowling coach Lou Marquez explains the science behind the bowling power step, also known as the pivot step, and demonstrates how it works with several different styles. Watch as Marquez shows how to produce the maximum amount of power and speed while efficiently…

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  • 5:08

    Foot Pressure for Your Bowling Footwork

    Bowling coaches Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and Kim Terrell-Kearney discuss one of the tools they have used to measure foot pressure. The tool allows them to view consistency between shots and helps them make changes to a player’s steps and slide.

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  • 8:35

    Body Angles and Proper Bowling Release

    Every bowler’s game is different, so it is important to understand how body angles affect a proper bowling release and, ultimately, how many pins you knock down. Bowling coaches Rod Ross and Kim Terrell-Kearney diagnose the swing styles and rev rates of three bowlers to teach you how to further adjust your body angles during your…

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