• 6:25

    Improving Bowling Consistency: Tips for a More Accurate Lay-Down

    Just because you hit your target on the lane, that doesn’t mean your ball’s going to find the pocket with the right reaction. It’s a little known fact that the spot where you lay the ball down is equally as important as the target you set. If you’re finding that you can’t seem to maintain…

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  • 8:13

    Using Your Balance Arm in Bowling

    Do you know what to do with your balance arm? Odds are, you’ve never given it a serious thought, because most amateur bowlers don’t think about how they’re using their balance arm when they go through the motions of their bowling stroke. For many bowlers the opposite arm does what it wants, and it’s just…

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  • Target Tape Drill for Shooting Spares

    Target Tape Drill for Shooting Spares

    Shooting spares is a difficult but necessary component of every bowler’s game. If you can consistently convert open frames into spares, you stand to become a more confident bowler and improve your average. This skill is especially important for youth bowlers who may not yet have developed the power to strike, but it is essential…

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