• 1:59

    Bodyweight Exercises

    Bowling is a physically demanding sport. Lower body strength creates ball speed, balance, and stability. If any of these three items are missing it will be difficult to repeat good shots. In this premium video, Leah Zahner, Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), demonstrates body weight exercises that focus on the lower body. Squat Start with your…

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  • 0:44

    Modified Squat

    Modified Squat Squats are a bowler’s best friend. On the way down your knees and hips flex and on the way up your knees and hips extend. Squats strengthen your lower body, focusing on your glutes and quads. The rewards from this exercise will make your footwork and finish position better by increasing balance and…

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  • 1:05

    How to Do a Reverse Lunge

    The reverse lunge is a fantastic leg exercise. It focuses on stretching the hamstrings while strengthening the core, glutes, and quads. You’ll notice more balance and stability throughout your approach when you add this exercise into your routine. It is an efficient exercise because it works multiple joints and muscle groups simultaneously. Individually training each…

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  • 0:50

    How to Do Dumbbell Lunges

    A lunge is essentially a big step forward. When you add free weights such as dumbbells, this adds additional work for the quads and glutes. Dumbbell lunges require you to be comfortable and able to remain balanced doing a basic lunge before adding free weights to the exercise. Having healthy quads helps maintain balance and…

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