• 1:10

    Single Leg Balance Reach

    Balance and posture are fundamentals every bowler needs in their game to be successful. Having better balance increases shot repeatability. This gives you the best chance at hitting your target more often, ultimately increasing your scores. A balanced approach starts in the setup and stance and ends at the foul line, posting your shot or…

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  • 3:51

    Bowling’s One-Step Drill

    The One-Step Drill is the one drill every bowler of every skill level should work on in their practice routine. It eliminates the earlier steps in the approach, allowing you to focus on the slide and the release. It also creates proper leverage and timing in the finish position. Coach Erik Vermilyea with Track breaks…

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  • 1:14

    Single Leg Balance Touch Exercise

    The ability to stand on one leg is important in general, but it has never been more true in bowling. Regardless of the number of steps you take on the approach, the repeated wear and tear bowling has to offer on our bodies, needs a little correcting from time to time. The single balance touch…

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  • 1:24

    Knee Continuation in Bowling’s Finish Position

    Cause and effect is defined as, β€œA relationship in which one event (the cause) makes another event happen (the effect).” Posting a shot is defined as: β€œTo retain a stationary, stable, balanced position until well after the end of a delivery.” Knee continuation is the cause in this example while posting a shot is the…

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