• 1:28

    Shooting at Double Wood and the Bucket

    When two pins are stacked one in front of the other on a spare shot, it’s known as “double wood” in bowling. For right-handed bowlers, it is the 2-pin and 8-pin, and for left-handed bowlers, it’s the 3-pin and 9-pin. The “sleeper” in a “double wood” shot refers to the rear pin (that is, the…

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  • 4:20

    Bowling Practice with Purpose: Developing a Plan

    You play like you practice and you practice how you play. If you find yourself practicing and not seeing the results during your league night or tournament, it’s time to approach practice differently. Gold Coach and Bowler Development Lead at Bowlersmart Richard Shockley and Silver Level Coach Dan Triske give their insight on bowling practice…

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