• 6:25

    Improving Bowling Consistency: Tips for a More Accurate Lay-Down

    Just because you hit your target on the lane, that doesn’t mean your ball’s going to find the pocket with the right reaction. It’s a little known fact that the spot where you lay the ball down is equally as important as the target you set. If you’re finding that you can’t seem to maintain…

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  • 8:13

    Using Your Balance Arm in Bowling

    Do you know what to do with your balance arm? Odds are, you’ve never given it a serious thought, because most amateur bowlers don’t think about how they’re using their balance arm when they go through the motions of their bowling stroke. For many bowlers the opposite arm does what it wants, and it’s just…

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  • 15:29

    How Bowling Swing Mechanics Affect Timing

    If a bowling coach told you to step up to lane and roll your best shot with your best bowling swing mechanics, and then asked you how many times you swung the ball in order to throw it down the lane, what would you say? Obviously once, right? That’s what we thought, too, until we…

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  • Navigating as a Left Handed Bowler

    Navigating Lane Transition as a Left Handed Bowler

    It’s long been a myth that the left handed bowler doesn’t have to deal with oil transition like a right handed bowler does during the course of tournament. They may not experience the exact same changes, but lefties have a different problem on their hands when a lane starts to burn: the residual effects caused…

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  • 18:34

    Tips for Reading Bowling Lanes More Effectively

    One of the two most important parts of becoming more consistent and finding continued success on the lanes is understanding who you are as a bowler. It makes sense that when you discover what your game is made of, you can more effectively assess how your stroke should be adjusted for what’s happening on the…

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  • 8:48

    How to Find Your Proper Bowling Shoulder Rotation

    Bowling is a sport that cannot strictly adhere to a one-size-fits-all model. To be a successful bowler, you have to adapt the components of your stroke to suit your capabilities and style. For instance, your natural rev rate and launch angle determine where you should release the ball at the foul line, as well as…

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  • 7:16

    Drills for Improved Bowling Targeting and Versatility

    In sports such as bowling, the key to continuing to improve your game and reach higher levels of competition is versatility. If you can make the necessary adjustments to your stroke to accommodate changing lane conditions and find your target, you give yourself a better shot at reaching your goals. That’s why bowling coaches stress…

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  • 7:24

    Adjusting Bowling Alignment for Maximum Precision

    In league and tournament bowling, you don’t often have the luxury of taking multiple frames to find your optimal angle to the pocket. The most successful bowlers are those who can determine how the oil pattern on a lane is affecting their alignment and make a confident adjustment to hit their target in the span…

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  • Release Drills for a Better Bowling Finish Position

    Release Drills for a Better Bowling Finish Position

    The release is one of the most essential components of a good bowling stroke, but for many bowlers it’s also the least trained component. With so much happening in a short period of time, it can be difficult to hone and improve your bowling finish position unless you slow it down and focus solely on…

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