Scott Pohl

Practice Spares with “Low Ball”

Scott Pohl
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Duration:   1  mins
Let’s face it—in bowling we leave a lot of corner pins. Forget about the reason why for a second and concentrate solely on knocking out those corner pins at a higher percentage.

In this premium video, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, walks through how to play “Low Ball,” a game designed to make training your spare game fun while watching your average increase. You’ll have a full rack of pins, but in this game, the lowest score wins. Good luck!


The best frame total you can have playing Low Ball is 2. There is only one way to achieve this: knock down the 7 pin and 10 pin in two shots.

Low Ball 1

A perfect score in Low Ball is 20.


If you throw your ball into the gutter on the first shot of a frame the score is marked as a strike for that shot and is scored a 10.

Low Ball 2

If you throw a gutter on the second shot of the same frame, the score is marked as a spare and the shot also counts as 10.

Low Ball 3

Making the total for this frame 20.

Try It

Making corner pins is difficult and practicing making corner pins can be frustrating. Competing with your teammates in a game of Low Ball distracts from both while giving added incentive to win.

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