Advanced Understanding of Today’s Game 6-Video Set

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6-Video Set: Advanced Understanding of Today’s Game (DVD + Download)

This 6-video set provides the most thorough understanding on how ball motion works and affects your game. Ball choice, ball speed, ball surface, rev rate all factor into your decision making when choosing how to play the lanes.

If you’re playing short, medium or long patterns, this set provides you the know-how to excel in any situation. Our coaches share knowledge that you will not find anywhere else. Begin striking more and increasing your average with Advanced Understanding of Today’s Game.

PLUS, you’ll receive this video set in both DVD and download form. This way, you can save the instruction on any device you wish, and watch it anytime, anywhere!

Videos included in this set:

  • Understanding Ball Motion to Elevate Your Game
  • Ball Motion & Layouts
  • Common Issues, Lane Play & Technique
  • Back to Front: A New Approach to the Game
  • Increasing Carry & The Physical Game
  • Release, Surface & Timing