Coaching, Competing & Training with the Kegel Training Center DVD

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DVD: Coaching, Competing & Training with the Kegel Training Center

Del Warren, VP of Kegel Training Center and Head Coach of Webber Bowling, works alongside Head Coach of Webber’s Women team, Randy Stoughton, to demonstrate modern game teachings in this DVD.

Starting from the settee area with the pre-shot process, to coaching, to fit, Warren and Stoughton share insights that will improve your game.

They will better prepare you for competition and explain how to get the most out of your coaching sessions.

The Kegel Training Center’s cutting edge technology provides concrete evidence to support modern coaching findings that will benefit you as a bowler in today’s bowling environment. 58 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Pre-Shot Process
  • Elements of a Good Fit
  • Training vs. Competing
  • Coaching Men vs. Women
  • Coaching Intermediate vs. Elite Bowlers
  • Elements and Strategies of Team Bowling
  • Timing
  • Physical Game Philosophy
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