Equipment, Physical Game & Spares with Michelle Mullen DVD

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DVD: Equipment, Physical Game & Spares with Michelle Mullen

Coach Michelle Mullen, of the greater Detroit area, walks us through the entire approach, shooting corner pin spares and equipment choices in this DVD.

She’ll simplify getting started with push away drills and ways to improve balance in your finish position.

Spares are an important part of the game. Specifically, corner pins can be a bowler’s nemeses. Mullen’s strategy to convert 7 and 10 pin spares will add pins to your average over the course of a season or tournament.

She provides equipment choices, like wrist devices and plastic bowling balls, to help bowlers make informed decisions when updating their arsenal. 31 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Stance and Start
  • Balance at the Finish Position
  • Corner Pins
  • Bowlers Tape
  • Adjusting Span for Wrist Devices
  • Plastic Ball for Spare Shooting