Grip Pressure, Drills & Spares with Bill Spigner Video Download


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Video Download: Grip Pressure, Drills & Spares with Bill Spigner

Coach Bill Spigner, from the greater Chicago area, demonstrates the importance of proper fit in today’s game.

There are many different tape products on the market for placement in a ball and/or on your hand. Spigner explains how to properly use each application.

In addition, Spigner shows proper technique for upper body alignment throughout the approach and finish position, and the importance of keeping balance throughout.

Spares are vital for average improvement and Spigner provides instruction for everyday practice to achieve more left and right side spare conversions. 33 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Using Tape to Help with Grip Pressure
  • Upper Body Angles
  • Balance Drills
  • Left & Right Spares
  • Coach Approach