Hank Boomershine 2-Download Set


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2-Download Set: Hank Boomershine Collection

No matter your skill level, Coach Hank Boomershine and the Storm Research facility will give you the knowledge to progress your game. From where to target to what ball to use and when, this bundle is the ultimate beginning-to-end guide every bowler needs to watch. 101 minutes.

Getting Started with Hank Boomershine – 51 minutes

Vice President of Sales and R&D at Storm Products Hank Boomershine explains all you need to know to get your bowling game started in this video download. Most bowlers’ problems can be traced back to the first two-step in their approach. Boomershine starts from the beginning, simplifying the process of the approach, swing alignment, balance arm and release.

In addition, Boomershine will demonstrate simple drills that can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Arsenal, Lane Play & Drills with Hank Boomershine – 50 minutes

Hank Boomershine is the Vice President of Sales and R&D at Storm Products. In this video download, advanced techniques including what PAP is and how it affects you as a bowler on different lane conditions, are discussed. Boomershine will show you how to gather your bowling fingerprint that includes speed, rev rate, tilt and rotation. He’ll show you how to gather this information with a few simple tools and devices that you already own.

Finally, you’ll receive the equation that puts all of this together and the steps to move forward with the application into your game.