Left-Handed Bowling: Advancing Your Game Video Download


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Video Download: Left-Handed Bowling: Advancing Your Game

Often overlooked, left-handed bowling is a game within the game. Left handers approach the shot and ever-changing lane conditions completely different than right handed bowlers. From alignment to arsenal, if you’re a lefty you’ll get coaching geared specifically toward your game.

We’ll explain how to bowl left-handed, and help you with equipment choices and adjusting your shots.

The majority of bowlers are right-handed. What they do on their side of the lane effects what lefties need to do on their side. Our coaches will put you in situations every left-hander is confronted with and they provide insight that will progress your game.

The left-handed arsenal is unique. Good left-handed bowlers give the appearance of never making moves and here we’ll show you how false this perception is.

Transition and adjustments are entirely different on this side of the lane. Knowing what to do and when will add pins to your score. 24 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Bowling Left Handed Inside and Out
  • Left Handed Arsenal
  • Transition & Adjustments for Lefties