The Mental Game Video Download


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Video Download: The Mental Game

Dr. Dean Hinitz, a sports psychologist, is the mental coach for the pros. He’s helped countless professional and amateur bowlers reach their full potential.

It’s common to describe missing a shot at an inopportune time as “choking.” Dr. Hinitz will define and explain what choking is, and how often times those inopportune misses aren’t choking at all.

Training the Mental Game will help you understand the process as opposed to results, and you’ll learn a physical game drill that you can use at your next practice session. Often times our best bowling happens when we’re relaxed and allow ourselves to make shots. The harder you focus, the more adverse effects you have on your shot. You’ll learn another drill to help you concentrate without overcompensating. 39 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Choking
  • Training the Mental Game
  • Observation Without Judgment
  • Focus & Concentration