Ron Hoppe Instruction 2-DVD Set

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2-DVD Set: Ron Hoppe Instruction

Coach Ron Hoppe and Haley’s Pro Shop simplify complex training, providing practical drills for you to practice and use for competition. Proper fit is the most important characteristic in today’s game. Without it, bowlers will develop improper technique to compensate for a bad fit. Hoppe informs you with the questions you need to ask your pro shop operator when getting a ball drilled. 108 minutes.

Arm Swing, Fit & Release with Ron Hoppe – 56 minutes

Ron Hoppe, out of Burlington, WA, in partnership with Hayle’s Pro Shop provides invaluable insight into the drilling of a bowling ball. Without proper fit, a bowler will likely compensate improperly in other areas of their game. Hoppe discusses what to look for when approaching a pro shop to get the best fit possible. Video coaching has never been easier for today’s bowler, and Hoppe will demonstrate how you can record yourself with any device and analyze every facet of your game, frame by frame.

Ball Motion, Fit & More Revs with Ron Hoppe – 52 minutes

Matching a bowler to the ever-changing lane condition is the blue print to success for increasing your average at the highest level. He’ll also show you that it’s possible to increase your rev rate and the importance of fit in the modern game. Hoppe provides the components necessary to take your game to the next level!