Senior Bowling Video Download


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Video Download: Senior Bowling

The evolution of bowling has included many changes from lane surface, bowling ball technology and oil patterns. Today’s seniors have been an integral part of the games evolution.

With all of the changes in the game compounded with physical game changes, frustration can set in with the inability to compete like before. Our coaches provide drills and tips in this download specifically geared towards seniors.

One of the most difficult areas to repeat in the senior game is the finish position. Difficulties with knee bend and balance are two common points of concern. Our coaches have a number of drills and tips to improve this area.

Our cause and effect chapter will simplify the modern game and make it relatable with the teachings of the past. Matching up equipment with ball speed and lane conditions will have you increasing your average for seasons and tournaments to come. 27 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Senior Drills
  • Cause and Effect for Seniors
  • Senior Tips